Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lunch at Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles

I officially said goodbye to school year 2012-2013 by going to school yesterday to get Anissa's report card, her certificates for excellence and documenting the PHCT's (parent reps) final activity for the year. We finished at past noon so naturally, my tummy was beginning to complain. But because it was scorching hot outside and it was a Friday, we didn't want to go that far from school to find a decent place to eat.

Anissa's BFF's Mom and I ended up in nearby SM Hypermarket beside Tiendesitas because she suggested this new Chinese place. It turned out to be Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles, which also has a branch along J. Abad Santos St. off Wilson in Greenhills, quite near the house. 

It was my first time to eat here, despite having driven by the San Juan branch a million times. I've read a few blog reviews but I never really found a reason to go. I've been missing out! 

I didn't get a photo of the free appetizer, bummer! It was really good, we finished everything in a matter of maybe 2 minutes? It was super crispy fish skin! I bet it was Salmon, but I forgot to ask --- hunger does that to me hihihi! But yeah, it was good, pretty much like eating Chicken Skin!

Ironically, we didn't get any noodle dish. Instead, these were our choices : 

Black Fungus and Jellyfish, P80 - oh boy, this was a real treat for me! I'm so glad I spotted this on the menu and I decided to try it. Two thumbs up!

Chinese Sausage Fried Rice, P160 - Not a huge fan of Chinese sausage but the ones that came with this  order were slightly crispy and more fun to eat than the usual ones. I also loved that they were so generous with the vegetables. We joked about this plate having more vegetables than rice!

Salt and Pepper Squid (one of their specialties), P180 - To date, this is the best I've had! Not rubbery at all. In fact, it was so tender ... like eating Wagyu or Kobe Beef. Definitely a must-have!

Last but not the least ... a different take on one of my family's favorite Chinese dishes

Yikes, sorry but I can't seem to recall nor find the exact name of this dish online. It's obviously made up of Beans and Minced Pork. The reason I say it's a different take on the usual is, the taste is slightly sweeter but just as good as what I'm used to. The pork is a lot less fried, too, which is what I liked about it. I just know Mama will love this version. Made a mental note to bring her here soon. 

I wish I had room for dessert. There was one item on the menu that I wanted to try. It was the Chilled Green Tea Taho. Sounds interesting, diba? But I was soooooo stuffed, I would've committed gluttony if I had ordered it just to try. Next time, next time I promise! 

All in all, it was an extremely satisfying encounter! The branch in SM Hypermarket Pasig is a lot bigger than the one in San Juan. A lot busier, too. But despite that, we didn't have to wait long for our orders. 

My next visit will definitely be with my foodie family and soon!

(Should I really wonder why I've been gaining weight??? Sigh.)

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