Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank God It's Friday

Saying thank you has become a habit. I make sure I do it everyday, all day if I have to. I do it for every good thing that happens - big or small. It makes me feel really good doing it. Somehow though, Fridays make me more thankful than usual. Fridays signal the end of a work week. Yeah, I know that doesn't really apply to me because I don't technically work anymore (or should I say, I'm not back in the workforce just yet?). But there's just something about Fridays ... 

First of all, it signals the start of the weekend. Although weekends have not really meant that much to me these past almost 3 years since I left corporate life, during the school year it would mean that my kids would be home from school and I wouldn't miss them so much.

Secondly, it also means spending time with other members of my very small family. Sundays have always been sacred. They still are. 

I guess one other reason is I get to look back on the week that just passed and mentally list down and recall all the things I should be thankful for. Yes, this is probably the biggest reason of all. 

This past week, for instance ... the most important thing that happened is that Sabine turned 7. She's been a joy to all of us and her turning another year older is something I've looked forward to. Next to Anissa's 17th birthday, it was what I kept looking at during my chemotherapy sessions. My girls were going to celebrate their birthdays after I was done with treatments. That was part of my prize. I had my eye on these dates the whole time. Sorry for digressing a bit. 

This past week, I was also able to tick off one major task on my "to do" list --- go to Divisoria! I've been wanting to do this since I started planning Sabine's birthday party a few weeks ago. It was a must, a non-negotiable for me, because I had to get most of the stuff I need for the party. I finally got to go last Wednesday, and although traffic on the streets was horrible, the foot traffic inside 168 Mall where I spent the most part of the day, was not bad at all. I had a good time scouring the aisles for what I needed and managed to snag a few more things for the family. I was so happy to have put a big check mark on this task!

I have one more thing I'm excited about and it's the regular "session" I'm having with a co-Pink warrior over lunch today. We haven't seen each other since I graduated from chemo in February. She also recently concluded her chemo treatments and today, we celebrate our victories! 

I'm hoping you all had the same kind of week, too. Of course I would be tons happier if I had won in the lotto or something like that! But hey, while there's life there's hope. Who knows what can happen tomorrow? :))

Meantime, I continue to have reasons to be happy and that's what counts. 


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