Wednesday, August 1, 2012

12 years and counting

Yup, N and I celebrate 12 years of togetherness today. I always think it's nice that our anniversary falls on the first day of the month --- easy to remember and always a reason to start the month right. 

I'm not going to be too mushy. I've had enough meltdowns lately, I call them my "looney moments". Today, I have a bigger reason to be happy (and I know my Dad is looking down on us and giving us high fives for staying together despite the odds). 

I feel truly blessed to still be counting and looking forward to many more years with this man. 

But this ... this was my greeting to him earlier

He can't deny it! In fact, he's said so himself many times over. He can't wish for anything more.

I pray that this man doesn't wake up from the dream he's in. I'm not exactly easy to handle at times either. Hee hee hee. 

Other than that, I'm praying that this crazy weather decides to take a vacation. 
I really want to go out and celebrate with the kids tonight!

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