Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank God For Friends!

Like both my parents, my brother and I agree that our true riches are our friends. I can definitely say the same for N. The real ones are those who don't disappear into thin air when the road gets bumpy. They're the ones who, in fact, reach out to you even when you don't seek them. This became more obvious to us the minute my Dad passed away. 

Now that my family and I are going through another trial involving my health, we are seeing the same affirmation in the presence of people and their constant urge to reassure us.

My social life was busy yesterday for a change! 

After that unexpected meeting with Dr. Chen of Fuda Cancer Hospital, I had lunch with my Mommy friends from school. I met and became close to them because all our girls are cheerleaders in the school's Pep Squad. Before Anissa quit the varsity this school year, she was a cheerleader for 5 years. That's how long I've known these women and how long we've been together in supporting our children at every competition and performance. Thanks for the fab lunch and the very encouraging words and support! 

Prayer Warriors Cheerleading Division
Hahaha so cute!
(Lunch was at Cibo in Shang Mall)

Later that evening, I was off to another "friendly" gathering. This time, with my tried and tested, super tibay, super lakas, laging maaasahan Super Friends!

Dinner was at Sariwon Korean Barbecue in Boni High Street Central. Sorry, no food shots. I arrived late and by the time I got there, I was famished! All I could think of was what to eat and how to eat everything in sight. I'm sure I wasn't just hungry, the food was really good!

Prayer Warriors Super Friends Division
(spanning grade school, high school and college!)

I had a really huge refill of positivity and good vibes yesterday (not that I needed one desperately). So ladies, you deserve a standing ovation for being the kind of friends anyone would be forever grateful to have (and to hold, in sickness and in health LOL)!

Very few people can boast about having friends this long. I am so blessed to be one of them!

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