Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Little Black Dresses

What can I say about LBDs except ... I love them. Honestly? I don't know how many I have hanging in my closet. My good friend, P, told me once to not be afraid to try color --- in all aspects, be it clothing, shoes, even cosmetics. But I always go back to black. While some people constantly note the disadvantages of wearing black (i.e., too hot for Manila weather, small specks of lint always show on the clothing, etc etc), I on the other hand, have always been in love with anything black.

I found these dresses online and I'm suddenly on the verge of whining because I don't have any of these styles yet! 

Clockwise from top left: 

Black Tuck Side Knot Dress, Dorothy Perkins
Ribbed Peplum Pencil Dress, Topshop
Miranda Dress, Lanvin
Lace Overlay One Shoulder Dress, AX Paris
Black Draped Dress, Calvin Klein

I would love to get my hands on them, especially the draped one from CK!!!

As far as accessories are concerned, I tend to also default to pearls whenever I'm wearing black. Every girl has to have at least a pair of pearl earrings (with or without diamonds) and a simple pearl necklace or choker. 

Left photo : Kenneth Jay Lane Layered Pearl Necklace
Right photo : Kate Spade NY Pearl Cove Bib Necklace 

I can imagine wearing these necklaces with any of the pretty dresses I've chosen, can you?

Come to think of it, that Zara dress I talked about in a previous post, which I intend to wear to my cousin-in-law's wedding next month, looks very similar to the CK dress because of the draping in front.  And yes, it's in black. And yes, I asked permission to wear black because I'm still in mourning.

Hope y'all have a good Saturday! Let's have some sunshine please!

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