Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 5 : The Procedure

12 noon, as scheduled by my Breast Surgeon. N and I were there 10 minutes early. My Mom arrived as well, to lend moral support. After a 10-minute pre-procedure interview conducted by the nurse who was to assist my Breast Surgeon during the biopsy, I was handed my robe and asked to change. 

Here is where it all happened

Minutes later, my surgeon walked in and prepped me. 
Another 15-20 minutes later, I got up and walked out. 
It was that simple. It was so routine, that my surgeon didn't look like she was at work while doing it. 

When I stepped out into the waiting area, I was so happy to see that Sabine was there. N asked the driver to drop her off at the hospital after she got out of school. 

We all had a really hearty lunch and it was like I hadn't been to the hospital for a biopsy at all. I truly love how my family has gotten together and is rallying behind me. 

By the way, the type of procedure that was done is called CORE BIOPSY. 

core biopsy is a procedure where a needle is passed through the skin to take a sample of tissue from a mass or lump. The tissue is then examined under a microscope for any abnormalities.

It was really quick and painless (I'm not really afraid of needles). I was nervous, understandably. But I was calm in general. I just kept praying over and over again until it was all over. 

The hardest part, I guess, begins today. Results won't come out 'til Wednesday (due to the long weekend) and my surgeon's clinic is on Thursday. 

Until then, I will be still and wait ... in faith. 

In your infinite power and mercy, O Lord, I put all my trust!!!


  1. So brave of you!!! Good thoughts all the way!

  2. Prayers REALLY REALLY help!!!

  3. Hello Patty B. I came across your post—wishing you the best during these uncertain times. Would highly recommend investigating alternative, natural therapies to complement your treatment. Although I do not have personal experience with cancer, I have experienced first hand the power of nutritional healing and cannot begin to tell you how it has turned my life around. A compelling breast cancer patient testimonial can be seen here: More info about the therapy she talks about in the video is available here

  4. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your message. At this time, I would like to stay 100% positive about the results of my biopsy. While I appreciate your suggestion, I am praying that I will never have any use for it. God bless.