Friday, August 3, 2012

Hairstyles I Would Love To Try

Since I'm going to a cousin-in-law's wedding next month, I'm already on the lookout for the kind of hair style I want done. I already know, more or less, what I'm going to wear (I snagged a really simple but classy short dress from the recent Zara end-of-season sale wheeee!). 

Bottom line? I want my hair curly. Or did you expect that already? Haha!

The question is ... do I sweep it up or keep it down? I've created a shortlist of hair styles and put them in this collage so I can remember to print this page out when I go to the salon. 

The shot of Heidi Klum is here because I like the way the top part was done. It looks curly and slightly messy, doesn't it? I also like Reese Witherspoon's curls because they're very subtle and make her look like she's from the 50's. 

Eeenie meeenie miney moe ...

I have a few more weeks to decide on this!

What do you all think?


  1. It depends on the theme of the wedding and ur dress of course! But either way, braids are really hot this season! :)
    Btw, how did u create the collage, did u find a collage maker online? Looks nice!

  2. Hi Abygail! The dress is really simply cut. Just a shift type with a round neck so any hairstyle will do, really. I made the collage on But I also use for simpler ones and to edit or watermark my photos.