Friday, August 3, 2012

Spreading My Wings

It's so hard to not speak about something you're truly excited about. I've been awfully quiet about this because I wanted to make sure I prepared well for it. After all, it's my first real venture. When I say "real", I mean it's the biggest thing I've gotten into so far. I've dabbled in online selling before with partners. But I only played half a role in the business ... the selling part. Sourcing out, the actual buying of the merchandise were not my responsiblity. 

This time, I'm doing it on my own and it's something I can really call MINE.

Meet the Yellow Bird

She'll be the main face behind this

YellowBird Shoes is my very own baby. I've been wanting to start a shoe business for the longest time. My excuse for not doing it in the past was that I had fulltime work and whatever free time I had, I wanted it to be for the family. I couldn't imagine myself running around attending board meetings and travelling out of the country every quarter while having to worry about taking care of an online shoe business. I was afraid that my business would suffer, take the back seat and then my customers would lose faith and turn to the many other online sellers there are. I think it was really a valid concern.

This time though, no more excuses! I no longer work fulltime and even if I find work eventually, I'm hoping that by then, I would've gotten the hang of things and be able to balance the two successfully.

You can't imagine how difficult it's been, holding back all the excitement I've been feeling and not writing about it here. Now it's safe to say that things are well on their way and I'm really doing it!

Here's a link to my Facebook Fan Page so please like it!

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I'll also be updating this space with developments. I'm looking at launching the business within the month (fingers still crossed on this one). 

The shoe addict has gone a step further and is now on her way to becoming a SHOEpreneur! Yay!!! 

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