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Make That Change - Which is the lesser evil?

This is a really insightful article I found. I was excited while going through it and maybe you'll have fun trying to guess the answers, too. While more and more people are eating healthy, not everyone does. So if you've vowed to be careful about what you eat but get invited to a party where a whole spread of sinful food is served, what do you do? 

Good question!
If faced with these food choices, which do you think is the lesser evil?

I had fun going through these photos and making guesses with N.

A hotdog or a hamburger?
Answer : the hamburger

Even if the hotdog is the fat-free type, the salt content will be a bit too much. Salt will raise the blood pressure and everyone knows that's bad for the heart.

Potato Salad or Coleslaw?
Answer : Coleslaw

Coleslaw is about 80% cabbage. It is a cruciferous vegetable (never heard of that classification before) and can help protect against cancer. Potato Salad has just too much calories, fat and sodium.

Fried Chicken or Steak?
Answer : Steak (N and I both got this right!)

With all the fat on the fried chicken, the red meat still wins this round. It's still a source of protein and iron. When taken in moderation, it can't be so threatening. The fried chicken breast, on the other hand, contains about 728 calories (YIKES!!!) and 37 grams of fat (GULP!!!).

Barbecue Sauce or Ketchup?
Answer : Ketchup

It has fewer calories and less salt

Sweet Tea or Soda?
Answer : Sweet Tea

But the article says, if you have to choose Sweet Tea, it's better if it's homemade. If it's commercial or store-bought tea, you'll be better off ditching both these choices and going for plain old water.

Peanuts or Chips:
Answer : Peanuts

Peanuts are said to be more filling, so you'll eat less of them compared to the chips. Plus, peanuts contain fiber and protein.

Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie?
Answer : Chocolate Chip Cookie (Yay!!!)

This one's something I'm hearing for the first time. When it comes to dessert, you're better off choosing the smaller-sized one. In this case, choose the cookie if it's the regular sized kind and not the giant ones.

From among all of the above, I'm probably going to have the most difficult time with the drinks and dessert. Sweet tooth, kawawa ka naman, I'm gonna have to starve you from now on! 

But isn't this article so helpful? 

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