Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ask And You Shall Receive

I have heard this bible verse a million times (OA, but you know what I mean). I've probably asked for things and received them in the past, but never on a scale as huge as this.

But first, a back grounder ... 

A few nights ago, I finally decided to focus on finding out more about Fuda Cancer Hospital in China,  and tweeted to ask if anyone who was following me had any first-hand information about this much talked about medical facility. My good friend, Pia, retweeted my tweet. That same evening, she also texted to tell me that she found someone who has a direct link to the Philippine office of Fuda Cancer Hospital. I replied that I would bring it up with N and text her the next day. But I totally forgot to get back to her.

Today for some reason, N again talked to me about Fuda and his findings. He was on the phone with someone from the local office, who told him that she could help if we ever have any difficulty setting an appointment. I then paused because I realized how confused I was. My surgery (at Medical City) is set for September 10. If I consider an overseas facility, my window might not be big enough and I don't want to waste too much time sitting around. 

This was beginning to look and feel like a real dilemma. 

I then decided it was time to surrender this again to Him. I slightly panicked because I didn't want this concern to disturb my inner peace. It's a major decision that I have to make. I needed His help, there was no denying that. For the next 5 minutes, I prayed and asked for guidance. I told Him, I didn't know what to do, but He does. I trusted Him to point me in the right direction. 

We were ready to leave the house for my lab tests so we did. While on the road, I got a text from Pia, asking if I had made a decision about consulting with Fuda here. Just seconds after, my phone was ringing. Pia called to say that she was in touch with that friend (at that precise moment!) who had a link to the office and all it had to take was for me to give the go signal. That friend would then call up her contact to set it all up TODAY because the Chinese doctor who entertains inquiries is going back to China also TODAY! A few minutes later, she texted me back to confirm that my appointment is at 11am. I had an hour to get there! 


We hadn't gotten far from the house so we turned around to get my records. In a little over half an hour, we were at the Linden Suites in Ortigas Center, ready to meet with Dr. Chen from Fuda. The discussion lasted more than an hour. She had a rather thick accent but spoke English fluently. Some of the things she told us, we were hearing for the first time. There was nothing bad about this consultation session though. She pretty much confirmed everything after going through my medical records. The only difference is that Fuda Cancer Hospital has a totally different approach. 

(I won't be extremely detailed yet. I'll reserve all of that for a future entry.)

Meantime, I am still so overwhelmed with relief that the Lord was so quick to respond to my need for guidance and discernment!!! I was in tears because I felt an inexplicable kind of comfort.

He didn't stop there though. During the meeting with Dr. Chen, I again got a message from my friend, Chell, asking me to get in touch with a friend of hers who had experienced the treatments at Fuda and had wonderful things to say about it. Since I had a lunch date with friends, it was N who reached out to Chell's friend. I later on found out from N what a fruitful conversation he had with this person. I truly felt that God was making his point so clear!

I am always at a loss for words everytime I experience God's presence. I wish I had the right words to describe how it feels to be blessed this way. But God's ways are so perfect, that is all I can say. 

Thank you, Lord!!! More please?

(Have we decided to go with Fuda? We are certainly getting there but are giving ourselves a bit of time to finalize our decision. So far, we have heard only good things about Fuda Cancer Hospital --- from the kind of treatments they have, the success rate, even the way they take care of their patients. One good feedback after another.) 

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