Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Song : The Answer to the Million Dollar Question

I first heard this last Sunday and its message touched me so much, I wanted to share it to all.

My faithful Father, enduring Friend
Your tender mercy’s like a river with no end
It overwhelms me, covers my sin
Each time I come into Your presence
I stand in wonder once again

Your grace still amazes me
Your love is still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
Your grace still amazes me
‘Cause Your grace still amazes me

Oh, patient Saviour, You make me whole
You are the Author and the Healer of my soul
What can I give You, Lord, what can I say
I know there’s no way to repay You
Only to offer You my praise

It’s deeper, it’s wider
It’s stronger, it’s higher
It’s deeper it’s wider
It’s stronger, it’s higher
than anything my eyes can see

Everyday, people ask me how I do it. My Dad passed away only 3 months ago. So soon, I'm faced with another trial. It is too painful to understand, for some who are really close to me and they've cried over it, thinking how difficult it must be to be in my position.

This song is very special to me and I believe there's a reason it was introduced to me last Sunday. It's no longer any wonder why I've managed to stay positive and happy, despite the circumstances and that "double whammy" that people are referring to. Please pay attention to the chorus of the song to have an idea about how I've been feeling and what I owe this calmness to.

Needless to say, I am BLESSED beyond measure, because it is an amazing thing to feel so at peace and free from worry. This gift has allowed me to go about my life as usual and not be a burden to anyone, it has allowed me to continue being there for my children and provide strength and inspiration to them, it has kept me open to receiving all the gifts that God wants to shower me with so that I won't have to dwell on the problem.

There are some who are worried that I might be trying so hard to put up a brave front and I might break down sooner or later from all the stress of holding it back. Funny but I'm not pretending to be alright. Neither am I saying that I have never ever shed tears over this. Uhmmm...not a robot, okay? I do cry and I cry whenever I feel the need to. So there.

But really, the grace of God surpasses my understanding and it truly erases every bit of doubt, fear and worry in my mind and heart. I can't convince people enough but this is the truth. You will know when you find yourselves in my shoes and believe me, I want everyone, at some point in their lives, to experience it because it is such a precious gift!!!

Not to forget! My Dad is probably giving it his all in interceding for me. I am not Daddy's girl for nothing!

Have a beautiful start of the work week everyone!!!

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