Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Essie Shades

I really love this dainty collage! It inspired me to post this entry about one of my favorite nail polish brands. I discovered Essie when the Nail Spa in Shangri-la Mall opened years ago. My friends and I started to frequent the place almost soon after they opened. I even had a regular (suki) nail tech there who has since decided to move to another nail salon. 

Back then, I found the brand expensive. But my nail tech assured me it was worth the P60 upgrade so I agreed. She was right. Although I was on the computer everyday, 5 days a week in the office, my nail polish remained in tact until I had to go back to the salon for my next appointment around 2 weeks later. The only issue I had was the nail re-growth. If not for that, nobody would think that the color was 2 weeks old. Impressed, totally! Since then, I always asked for Essie. 

But I have this habit of sticking to what I'm used to. So I kept using the same shades alternately. They're the ones I included in the collage above. 

Mademoiselle, Ballet Slippers, Bordeaux (the red one), Fiji, Pink A Boo. It took sometime before I began to experiment and try out their many other shades. But these are the ones I will always go back to. At close to P500 a pop, yes these are quite steeply-priced. But you know what they say, you get what you pay for. I definitely get my money's worth everytime I choose Essie!


  1. it's 420 lang at our store, nagplug pa hahaha!!!!! im not into nude shades, ewan ko parang di ko lang keri haha


  2. Sol! Hahaha!!! Do you have any of these light shades on hand? Parang I didn't see. Kaya mo yan, try mo lang once :)

  3. nope wala ata akong pale sa essie, kase current collection lang kinukuha ko eh. yun opi nyc ballet collection ang mga pale shades na bago