Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Mom The Spoiler

One of my biggest challenges now that my Dad is gone (I miss you every single day, Dad) is how to get my girls used to not just his absence, but the absence of all the material things he generously showered them with while he was still around. Yes, despite my sometimes violent protests which of course fell on deaf ears. In fact I used to tease him a lot about not being allowed to die because of the way my kids have gotten so used to his gifts. I totally disregarded the fact that my Mom would want to naturally take over his role. It's only been less than 3 months and I totally see my Dad in her. 

Last week, she texted me, confirming Sabine's shoe size. So I knew she was out buying stuff for her grandchildren again. But I didn't complain. SHOES kasi eh hahaha! Besides, Sabine's feet are growing at a rapid pace and I've had to get rid of some of her well-worn pairs recently. I didn't expect to find this though, when we went to Mom's place last Sunday for our usual weekly get-together

Seriously, Sperry Topsiders for a 6-year old??? I'm so inggit! LOL!
Love the gunmetal color, too. My Mom is just like my Dad. They both have good taste when it comes to gifts. And just to even the playing field, she gave Anissa some cash so she can buy whatever she wants. Too risky to give her anything else because this teenager has her own mind and you're better off allowing her to choose for herself.

Dear Daddy, don't worry ... your naughty habit lives. 

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