Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We Love Hello Kitty

I'm so glad to be blessed with two daughters. Girls are so much fun to have! I can pass on so many things to them. One of the many things that have rubbed off on my girls is my love for anything Sanrio, specifically my love for this 30-something year old cat

Note : There are conflicting reports about HK's true age. One write-up says, she was officially introduced in Japan in the year 1974. I was Sabine's age back then!

I remember that as a kid, she was my inspiration to do well in school. Why? Because Daddy promised to buy me stuff from Gift Gate if I had good grades :) I wish I had kept some of the things he bought for me. They would probably be collector's items by now. 

It's amazing how at 43 years young, I am still in love with her. No, I'm not addicted. I don't have a vast collection of HK things. I'm not one of those who will use anything Hello Kitty. I've seen someone driving along EDSA in a pink car painted with Hello Kitty's face all over, with matching seat covers! IMO, that's taking it way too far. 

But I like the small, cute but useful stuff. I have to be honest...I'm glad that China started producing Hello Kitty products. The ones from Japan are just too expensive sometimes! Since I'm not really a collector, I don't mind buying non-Japan made Hello Kitty merchandise. Besides, my girls love her, too. I can't imagine the expense!

I always say that eBay is a treasure trove. It's where I've found and bought so many things : from the useful to the ridiculous. :))

I recently went on a Hello Kitty buying spree because I found just one seller who carries so much of them in her listings

A set of pluggies (ear caps for cellphones), a tin case for contact lenses, handkerchiefs, a face towel which came with its own plastic container, ear plugs, notepads, a nail cutter. I would've gotten more except I was still trying to be kuripot.

I couldn't resist the pluggies because they came in a set of 6 for just P350 (yup, non-Japan). But they don't look "fake" at all, do they? I don't like it when characters don't look real. These are just sooooo cute, they were the first on my list. My girls have their own cellphones so all three of us are sharing. My most favorite is the one leftmost because she's wearing a really cute headband.

Here's Sabine's cellphone (which she hardly uses) all decked in our favorite kitty cat accessories.
Matchy matchy! 

Do any of my readers love Hello Kitty as much as my girls and I do? 
Please share your favorite Hello Kitty shopping sites if you do!


  1. Me! :) We buy at this store Gift City in Binondo and also at 168 hehe! My mom is a HK fan. Even til now in her 50s! She collects plates, baso.. Ewan ko kung ginagamit. Kami naman magmamana non haha!

  2. Thanks for the tip! If only I didn't live far from that area. Your Mom is so cute!