Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fashion Fix : Evening Weddings

I've created a collage which shows what I would wear to a daytime wedding. Now here's what I would definitely go for if I had to go to one that takes place at night.

Evening weddings are less complicated, at least for me. I always, always default to something black. While I'm not a fan of too much drama, I also wouldn't want to look like I didn't think much about what to wear and look out of place. 

Dress : Roberto Cavalli one-shoulder long dress - I really love the draping on the front part because it will definitely hide that yucky-looking bulge I have. The detailing on the side serves as a pretty accent, not too overpowering or over-the-top.

Clutch : Alexander McQueen Cathedral Box Clutch

Shoes : Christian Louboutin Au Palace 120 Crystal Heel Satin Sandals

Earrings : Rona Pfeiffer Diamond Chandelier Earrings - since it's best to leave the neck area alone because of the one-shoulder style, your ears will have to be the main area of focus. Wear the biggest bling you have in your jewelry box or get something from your Mom's! :)

Hairstyle : With this kind of dress, I would want my hair to be upswept without looking so stiff. I've been a fan of the messy bun ever since my hair became long enough to achieve it. In fact, I do it almost everyday. The hairstyle that I chose here is not your typical bun, looks slightly more complicated. But still messy. I'm sure your favorite hair stylist can easily do this for you. I would skip the feathered accent though. Your earrings will be enough to draw attention to your face. 

And just to share, I went to a friend's wedding last weekend. Here's what I wore. The wedding was at 4pm, so I tried to find a good balance as far as my outfit was concerned. Can you tell I'm a fan of anything gold or nude?

Dress : Avenue Montaigne (online purchase)
Shoes : Aldo
Clutch : Mango
Earrings and Cuff : Forever21

These earrings didn't cost me more than P500 but don't they look fab?
And yes, I continue to be obsessed with curly hair!

A closer look at the cuff and clutch, plus a glimpse of my dress' print. I've worn this dress twice to weddings and I always get compliments for it. Seriously thinking of having it copied.

That said, I have a wedding next month and I'm hoping to pull something similar off!

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