Monday, July 18, 2011

eBay is both a blessing and a curse

I've had really good sales in eBay. This is where I get rid of stuff that I either did not use or hardly used, and I get a fairly good amount of honest buyers.

BUT ... there are always exceptions. Today, I had an encounter with one of them. I was a bit surprised that I hadn't heard from her after sending her invoice TWICE, because she has nothing but good feedback, and quite a lot, too. When I still didn't hear from her until late last night (the auction ended July 14), I decided I would open a case for a possible unpaid item strike today. This is just in case I don't hear from her at all.

Then today, she sent me an irritated email, saying that she previously emailed me and that she had already deposited her payment to my back account. I immediately checked my email and I was right. I didn't receive anything from her. I'm forever connected to the internet via my Blackberry. And when I'm at home, I'm ALWAYS on my laptop or my iPad, except for the times I'm eating or in the shower. It was impossible for me to miss her email if she did send me one. Plus how could I possibly know right away that a deposit was made to my account?

Anyway, I told her that I never got her message and requested her to re-send it to me along with the transaction slip, which is clearly stated in all my listings as a requirement (because I still haven't resolved the issue on my online account w/ the bank). She had the nerve to reply to me, asking me to just go to the bank and check my account. It was like saying, "No, I don't want to email the slip. Check your account yourself."

TOTALLY ANNOYING! I didn't budge though, because I've had my share of bogus eBay bidders and yes, although she has hundreds of positive feedback, it doesn't matter to me at all. I merely wanted her to follow the instructions. After all, I assume that from having all that positive feedback in her record, she already knows how things on eBay work.

She did send me the details of the transaction, but not the slip itself. Whatever!!! I'm shipping off her item tomorrow and blocking her from bidding ever.

She was irked that I opened a case right away. I'm sorry, but that is MY prerogative as a seller. To protect myself from being a victim of joy bidders again. I can easily close the case and state that payment was received after all, and nothing negative goes on record as far as she's concerned. She didn't have to turn ballistic on me.

And that, is my psycho eBay bidder experience of late. Every encounter is an interesting one.


  1. I love eBay for the most part, too. May I know your account name so I can check out your items? :)

  2. Unfortunately, I've stopped selling on eBay. It came to a point where I thought it wasn't worth the headache anymore.