Saturday, July 16, 2011

So the better team won...

Or should I say ...

the team with the "go to" player?

We went to Araneta today in really high spirits. Why not? It was the first game between archrivals De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University. As expected, as early as 2 hours before the game, the place was already packed with people. The ticket booths had lines as long as God knows what, lots of people trying their luck at grabbing last-minute tickets to this much-awaited head-on game. I first grabbed a drink at Starbucks. I'd been wanting to try the Black Sesame Green Tea Cream Frapuccino and this was my chance

I really should've gotten a bigger one
(I'm definitely getting one tomorrow for dessert)
It was purely unintentional, the GREEN drink, I mean

We were both in GREEN, of course
But to complete the GREEN and WHITE look of the day, I wore this too

It's the reminder bracelet I got from The Beads Shop (Shang Mall branch) last Thursday
(I just love the reminder ... )

So yeah ... we lost. That's 2 losses on the Season 74 score card for the Green Archers (the first to FEU). It's always painful losing to the Blue Eagles. I'm no basketball expert but I've learned so much from watching the (DLSU) games live since the mid 80's.

My two cents :

  • Where was Simon Atkins? I didn't "feel" the Team Captain at all
  • Arnold Van Opstal needs to step up and realize how valuable he can be because of his height. He was trash-talked by Greg Slaughter (the Ateneo rookie giant) and it got to him. It was obvious. He should learn to be more aggressive. Please don't be another Ferdinand!
  • Where were Sam Maratas 3-pointers?
  • Maui Villanueva is like stagnant water
  • Norbert Torres is still inconsistent. But he can shoot, I know it.
  • Almond Vosotros hasn't impressed me since the season opened
  • Oda Tampus...I have respect for the guy. He's aggressive and determined
  • LA Revilla, you are amazing. Despite being under medication for hyperthyroidism, this guy was the only one who played today and I mean it. But he needs help!
I'm still in awe at rookie Kiefer Ravena. He made everyone look like amateurs. This kid will go places and rightfully so. Too bad ... he was a La Sallian. Why he moved to Ateneo is a whole different story.

'Til the next round! ANIMO LA SALLE PA RIN!!!

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