Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hair reborn!

My 2nd trip back to my stylist in a span of one week

First, the rebonding. Then today, I was there to get a cut and color.
The cut was nothing drastic, because my stylist is very much against cutting hair soon after rebonding is done. She just fixed the layers and gave my hair a bit more shape. As for the color, I went a shade or 2 lighter than my last one. But it's pretty hard to capture it right now. Maybe in a few days when the real color settles in.


So much better, don't you think?

3rd and LAST in this series of salon visits (as a result of the rebonding) takes place by month-end. We'll probably add more layers and I'll get that much-needed treatment as well.

So painful to the pocket, but so worth it!

Hey, no pain? Definitely no gain!

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