Monday, July 25, 2011

The weekend that was

It was busy, busy, busy!

Friday night, I had a group of teenagers at home because Anissa had to work on a Health project with her groupmates. I fed them then off they went to work. It was so nice to see them all so serious about what they were doing. It felt even better when, while watching them, I realized it was my very own daughter who was taking the lead in almost everything. It was a video they were producing, on the things that contribute to the destruction of the environment. Anissa thought of the whole concept and directed everyone on what they were supposed to do. She can probably take a Film course in college. Not a bad idea!

Saturday was busy from lunchtime, because we had a game to watch at 1pm.
This time, we got really good seats at the Araneta for the DLSU-UP match.
Row B, really close!

Good thing these seats didn't go to waste. DLSU won by 12 points!

It was busy all throughout the evening because we had to meet up with some friends for dinner at Sambokojin. As usual, I ate too much. I still feel so bloated and didn't have much to eat today. Unfortunately, while the rest of the city watched the much-talked-about NBA vs PBA All Star game that evening, we had to make do with a delayed telecast. Tickets were impossible to get so we gave up days before. The day still didn't end when we got home after dinner. There was the Azkals game to watch at 12:30am. I thought I was going to fall asleep halfway through the broadcast, but I ended up watching the entire thing. Too bad the Philippines lost. But I enjoyed seeing our boys work their b*tts off on that field. We meet Kuwait again on the 28th, this time on "home field".

Sunday was a bit more relaxing ... started out with church at 10am then a huge takeout lunch from the nearby newly-opened Chic Boy branch on Shaw Blvd. No photos taken because we were famished by the time we got home. But I just have to say, their Chicken Inasal is tons better than Mang Inasal's. We'll definitely be back for more because we became instant fans!

Anissa had another school-related activity today ... parish involvement for Christian Living. I took her to the church about 5 mins from the house where she met with her groupmates for an afternoon to be spent at the church's Sunday school. I picked her up at 5pm and listened to her stories of how much she enjoyed and how the kids immediately took to her. She really, sincerely had a fulfilling afternoon and I'm so proud of her. Because of this, she's seriously considering holding a party on her birthday (in March) for the less fortunate. Yay!!!

Here she is, looking tired and happy after an afternoon well spent ... ready to sink her teeth into a slice of Starbucks' Red Velvet Cake (I'll post a separate entry/review on this) which we got from the Podium Mall branch earlier. I tried a few bites myself and I loved it!

And that's about it.
Another week is about to start.
I hope you all had a productive weekend like I did.

Here's to a safe and peaceful week ahead for all of us!

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