Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm not a breakfast person

Except when I'm out of town and on vacation, I don't really eat breakfast. But yesterday, I was sucked in by peer pressure (literally) when I had to leave the house extra early to meet up with the Superfriends (my barkada of 20 plus years). It was time to say goodbye to one of them, Nanette, who's been visiting for a few weeks. Flying back to California last night at 10pm, she only had breakfast as her free time. Of course I had to go!

We chose UCC Park Cafe in Burgos Circle because we wanted a quiet place to talk. After all, this was our last chance with the balikbayan and we wanted to make the most of whatever time was left. I ordered my usual UCC House Blend because like I said, I had no intention of eating. But Nanette insisted that she wasn't that hungry and wanted to split her order with me.

The Filipino Medley Breakfast which consisted of :
A choice of chicken or pork longganisa (chose chicken), beef tapa, tocino,
scrambled eggs, garlic fried rice and greens.

I'm surprised we finished the food in no time, considering how much we talked while eating. It was nonstop the whole time. Stories about college life (yeah we tend to discuss our misadventures over and over again when we're together), getting drunk, getting caught by our parents, ex-boyfriends (whose, I won't say hehe!), married (and non-married) life and, of course, our kids (collectively, we have 20 plus!).

Before we knew it, Nanette (in spaghetti-strapped top on the right) had to go and it was time to say goodbye. The only guy in the photo is my baby brother, who took the time to drop by
and say hello.

I was home before lunch but didn't eat until around 2pm, still full.
See, that's why I'm not a breakfast person.

Oh...and I'm also not a goodbye person.
See you soon, Nette!
Boo hoo hoo! :(

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