Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I hate math

My teenager has both Trigonometry and Geometry classes this year. She's only a Sophomore in High School. I remember having Geometry in my Junior year and Trigonometry in my Senior year. Times really have changed! I don't blame her for hating numbers because that's something she definitely inherited from me. There is no one on my side of the family who's good with numbers.

I had an interesting exchange with her recently. I asked her how things are going in school, especially in Math and she replied,
"I'm okay with Trig, Mom. It's Geom I'm really hating but it's okay, I hardly fall asleep in class."


Did I reprimand her for that? No, I didn't have the heart to. I remember how I had to drag myself to class each time the subject involved numbers. I feigned sickness, I fell asleep, I didn't do my homework until the very last minute all the time. I hated Math that much.

Thing is, I never failed any of my Math subjects in High School no matter how much I loathed them. It's going to be stressful until she graduates so good luck to the both of us!

I hope you're all having a good week so far!

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