Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jump shots are f-u-n

When did wacky and jump shots become basic photo opp requirements? Only in the Philippines? I discovered how much fun doing jump shots is when Sabine bugged me no end to do them. I admit that at the very ripe age of 43, my body is not as flexible as it used to be. Years and years of dance classes seem to be a thing of the super distant past and I feel like a rusty household tool that's been kept and left for useless inside a cabinet LOL

After all these shots were taken, I was sweating like a pig and I expected my joints to hurt the following day. Glad they didn't haha.

This is the problem with having toddlers in your 40's. You definitely have to keep up
but these shallow moments are sooooooo much fun!

Jump Mommy Jump!!!


  1. photo number 4 is soooo kwela!

    super talon ka na tapos super dedma si sabine! hahaha

  2. She did it on purpose! Pic #3 should've been #4. Kasi in #3, hindi na niya napigilan mag-laugh kasi I didn't know na hindi pala siya nagju-jump LOL!

  3. just the look on her face! kakatawa talaga. dedma kung dedma!