Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Cravings

This intense crazy heat is epic! If that sounds OA, it's 'cause it really has been so unbearable!!! People were complaining when it rained everyday a few weeks ago. Well, I didn't. I only complain about the rain when it's over-the-top. I just thought it was really strange and creepy to have rainy weather right smack in the middle of summer. Even our industrial fans at home emit warm air so they're no help at all. The a/c in the master's bedroom has been on overdrive these past few days. Kung nakakapagsalita lang siya (If only it could talk), I'm sure it will ask for an indefinite vacation leave.

Aircon : That's it! You've used and abused me enough!
Me : Please don't go ... don't goooooooooo!
(and it walks out)

I've been craving for stuff to help me forget how irritating it is to feel dehydrated all the time

Who doesn't want this?

This this this too!
All day, everyday
I'm thinking Fruits in Ice Cream in Rockwell

But mostly, this is what I really really really really want

I can only hope that my barkada's planned beach trip next month pushes through

How are y'all dealing with this epic summer heat?

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