Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The best Red Velvet so far

Chocolat is always a favorite stop for us whenever we need to buy dessert for a potluck gathering. It's near the house and right along the way most of the time. Last night, we had a Despedida (going away) dinner for N's cousin who's in town from California but flying home this week. Chocolat's chocolate cakes are always a hit so it was really a no brainer.

When we walked into the shop though, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that other than chocolate, they now have Red Velvet, too. We decided to take the risk and went for a dozen Red Velvet cupcakes (it doesn't come in an 8-inch cake, only in 6 inches which is kinda small).

If they look small in the box, that's 'cause they ARE just a teeny bit smaller than the usual cupcakes. Not an issue because they're priced just right at Php 35.00 each.

I got up close and personal with this one

It looks yummy in the photo and even yummIER in real life I promise you!!!
It was sooooo good, I had two of these one after another right after a heavy dinner (oink)

And as I type, I'm craving for one of two pieces that's left in the fridge (I need to leave one for Anissa or else she'll go ballistic). I'm definitely going back to get another box to keep at home.

I took advantage and clicked away at all the other goodies in their chiller

Salivating? Join the club haha.


  1. I have never had Chocolate Carrot Cake. I'm intrigued!

    Happy Birthday Sabine!

  2. Not a fan of carrot cake but this one looks good, don't you think?

  3. And thank you for the greeting! :)