Friday, April 27, 2012

Faithful Friday

It's been more than a year since I signed up and got my first dose of God Whispers. Bo Sanchez started the God Whispers Club. If you subscribe to you, you get messages in your email, like God's talking straight to you. Since then, I've gotten so many creepy messages. Not creepy like scary or weird. Creepy because some of these messages come at certain times when I'm needing some spiritual guidance. 

Like today!

My favorite part in this messsage is : But if you let me, I'll help you conquer your fear, Patty.

This comes at such an opportune time, really. Can't say why because I have a feeling I'm getting ahead of myself (I'm panicky about things all the time). Let's just say that God gave me something to seriously think about. I'm being tested. It's making me look closely at my priorities and I might have to make a big decision very soon. Like next week soon. Sigh.

But thank you for this reminder. I know what I should do in the meantime. 
Pray for guidance towards the right decision. 

Have a peaceful weekend, everyone.

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