Monday, April 9, 2012

Pretty Party Bunting

Remember how much I love buntings?

Here's something I came across just now, in my search for free printables I can download for future use. I got this from Bloomdesignsonline just had to share it for those of you who like DIY projects.

The photo above shows what the finished product looks like. I just love the color! The set-up is so adorable too! Here's what the bunting looks like up close

For how to do it yourself, just lick on this link

I haven't really gone through her blog yet but after seeing this entry, I'm bookmarking her page!

Recently, I went to the Heima Store in Cubao-X for the first time and I couldn't resist looking at and scrutinizing everything they had on display. Such a pretty, pretty store with lots of pretty and interesting stuff. Since we're on the topic of buntings, I swear I couldn't stop ooohh-ing and aaahhh-ing at Heima's ceiling decor. This!

Photo grabbed from

Been to Heima yet? If you haven't, just go!


  1. I forgot to take a pic of the tables at Heima. I wanted to show it to Jet pa naman...

  2. Maybe it's in their Tumblr site?