Thursday, April 26, 2012

3rd in a row

I really shouldn't waste time and run to the nearest lotto outlet. I've been lucky in online contests lately. This month alone, I won the Ichigo Blog Giveaway and then 2 tickets Cirque Mother Africa c/o 2nd Avenue (Solar Entertaiment). Just yesterday, I chanced upon Sofitel's Twitter contest via a follower's retweet. The mechanics were easy. Everything was done on Twitter. All I had to do was tell them why I wanted to win and that would count as an entry. 

I only did it once, mind you 

Then late this afternoon, surprise surprise!!!


Thank you in advance, Sofitel, for this wonderful treat!

N and I are massage addicts. We indulge in this luxury at least once a week at home. I Googled about Sofitel's Le Spa and I'm totally impressed. Expect no less from a 5-star hotel, of course. I almost fell off my seat when I looked at their menu of services. Over 3 kyaw for a one-hour treatment!!! That's like 6 of our regular 2-hour sessions at home. N and I are really excited to go. It's also a chance for us to spend some quality time away from the kids. 

Sofitel already messaged me to say that the gift certificate is being processed. I'm gonna pick it up from them very soon. I can't believe this lucky streak.

Thank you and more please!

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