Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thank you, Ichigo Shoes

Today was the hottest day of the year so far at over 35 degrees. If I didn't have to pick up my prize from Ichigo Shoes, I would have stayed home and inside my room with the a/c on the entire afternoon. But I kept my appointment (although I was slightly late) and the thought of a pair of shoes waiting for me was enough to kick me out of the house haha. 

Ichigo's store in Shoppesville is on the 3rd floor. I did mention the last time that I've been a regular customer, so I didn't need any directions to get there. Before I brag about my prize (hehe), I'd like to share some photos I took of the store. 

I love the shabby chic concept! 
Satchels in candy colors. They were tempting!
It took a few minutes for me to decide which pair to choose from all the pretty ones on display. I recalled that my last Ichigo pair (bought less than 2 months ago) was closed. So that made me decide to get sandals this time. 

The momentous awarding :)) 
With the ladies from Ichigo

With Lea and Charm of Ichigo Shoes

Her name is Coral and she came home with me
The thing I liked most about it is the ribbon detail and the fabric used. So Cath Kidston!
Now where's my white eyelet summer dress? 

Here's another shot of the sandals, taken from Ichigo Shoes' blog

Ichigo Shoes is really one of my favorite local shoe brands. 

Visit their Multiply site to see why I've been a loyal Ichigo girl

Thank you again, Ichigo Shoes! Until my next purchase!

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  1. You're Welcome and Thank's for this Ms. Patty! :) You're Definitely a Certified Ichigo Girl :)