Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kid Fashion : Baby Fashionistas

This is my Sabine's favorite clothing store. We frequent their branch in Eastwood Mall. If I remember correctly, this brand first came up on Multiply. It's a lot bigger now, with branches also in SM The Block and most recently at the new Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo (side note: I heard that this mall is super duper sosh and it's a stone's throw away from 168 Mall. I'm intrigued!).

Just two of the quite many styles we have from this brand 

Yes, my Sabine loves frilly, frou frou and maxi dresses. She loves dresses, period. It's always a struggle  with her whenever I insist that she wear pants or shorts. 

And since we're in Eastwood every single Sunday, it's beginning to hurt our wallets because she's forever peeking into the store and finding something she likes. :)

Guess what...tomorrow's Sunday. I'm scared to think of what's going to happen haha.