Monday, April 9, 2012

Online window shopping for now

I really can't wait for this shopping ban to be over. It's only a matter of days now and I can go back to my normal self haha!

Meantime, I console myself by looking at my favorite sites to check on New Arrivals and good bargains to prepare myself for my return!

Forever 21 Striped Linen-Blend Dress w/ belt

Forever 21 Vintage Pattern Dress
I like this, it's so pretty. But I'm not sure if it's me.

Forever 21 Floral High Low Button Up
I don't think they have other colors but red will do

Forever 21 Sleeveless Striped Shirt
I love this! Maybe I'll get the shorts too!

Forever 21 Denim Joggers
Looks so comfy!

Forever 21 Ditsy Floral Skinnies w/ belt
These look adorable in the site but I'll have to take a closer look in the store
(I also want a pair of mint green skinny jeans)

Forever 21 Floral Ankle Strap Flats
So Dainty!

On to the next site!

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