Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Basics : never be without them!

The summer season always inspires women to go shopping for new stuff --- agree?

I didn't go my usual route this year because I had to prioritize other things (yes, because I am first and foremost a Mom!) but if I had done the usual, I would've gone around the stores looking for things summer-y and the basics, of course!

#1 - Protection!

Whether it's a floppy beach hat, a colorful umbrella or a baseball cap. You just really need to be protected from the awful heat of the sun, the kind we get in a tropical country like ours. You also need a very reliable brand of sunblock lotion. I trust Banana Boat for the entire family. A good local alternative is Beach Hut.

#2 - The perfect swimsuit

Since giving birth to Sabine almost 6 yrs ago, I've given up wearing bikinis. I turned to the classic one piece and tankini styles for ultimate comfort and to hide those unsightly post-childbirth bulges. How I wish I had a bikini body still!

#3 - Cover up

You don't really want to go around the pool or the beach with a towel wrapped around your shoulders, right? I know I wouldn't! If you have a really nice cover up, you can still look dressed and ready for anything even if you're wearing a swimsuit underneath. These I can't get enough of!

#4 - Beach Sandals

You can choose from a variety of options : flip flops, thong sandals, low wedges. I like to have a happy mix of all haha!

#5 - Wooden or Beaded Jewelry

To go with all of your wonderful summer outfits of course. The brighter the colors, the better!

#6 - Dresses, Skirts, etc.

I tend to lean more on dresses for the summer, because sometimes I still feel so uncomfortably warm even when I'm in shorts and a tee.

Lastly? Plan those summer trips well. What's the use of going shopping if you have no place to go? Don't forget to pack the most important thing of all --- your love for FUN and your sense of humor! You'll need it in this unbelievable heat!

Cheers to Summer 2012!


  1. I like the new blog layout, Patty!

  2. Yay! Thanks! Obvious ba I've been so restless? Haha!