Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teacher Love

The most selfless givers you will ever come across in your life are your teachers. As you know, Sabine recently graduated Pre-School and will be moving up into the "big" school by June. Right before the school year ended, I realized how helpful her teacher was and how she truly was concerned about her students' future. This happened when one school day, Sabine came home with a folder filled with exercises labeled, "Sabine's Entrance Exam Reviewer". I didn't get to verify this but I think she went out of her way to do it for Sabine and the gesture really touched me. Together, Sabine and I sat down to do the exercises for days before her graduation and last March 28, she took the entrance exam and passed it without hassle.

I owe it all to Miss R. and her previous teacher Miss C, as well as to their Principal, Miss L. These two were her pre-school teachers, her very first mentors whom she obviously loved because she always talked about them at home. On her graduation day, I made sure Sabine gave them a proper goodbye and thank them for everything they've done. The Principal looked teary-eyed as she told me that Sabine's batch had a special place in her heart and that she's one of the kids who will be truly missed. Sabine promised to pay them a visit because "we live so near naman, Mommy, so I can see them anytime I want".

I found this printable on Pinterest and decided to save it, hoping I can print it out and give it to them soon. Sabine is so ready to face bigger challenges, thanks to them!

I'll be forever grateful for the love they gave her the past two years.

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." - Anonymous

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