Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank you, Picnik.com!

I still don't understand why my favorite photo editing website is closing down in a few days. They say they're moving all their tools to Google+. I opened a Google+ account months ago but there was just nothing special about it, so I haven't gone back to check on what's happening there.

Other than taking advantage of all the premium features that they've made free until the closing down date on April 19th, I've also been looking for the closest alternative to it.

Co-blogger and Twitter friend Trisha of Playtimebreak has been having the same dilemma and kindly suggested a short list of sites to me. After going through and trying out each, I finally narrowed it down to just one : PicMonkey.com. That's where I'll be hanging out with my personal photos from now on. Thanks, Trish!!!

But thank you, Picnik.com for serving me well!


  1. Hello!
    Check out these alternatives too:


    Haven't tried them but I've heard good reviews. I'm also a Picnik Fan and I'll surely miss it too... :)

  2. Thank you, Cham! I'll check out your suggestions too :)