Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy 62nd, Mama

We celebrated Mama's birthday a day ahead because it fell on Good Friday this year (not the first time this happened though). She's 62 and despite the steady weight gain -- hehe peace, Mother Goose -- my Mom still looks as pretty as ever.

We were in Subic for the Holy Week so Dad chose to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in SBMA, the Golden Dragon. We had a feast and I went home with a super satisfied tummy that night.

Mama, I still remember my teenage years when all we did was argue and all I could think of was how to spend as much time away from you as I could. I'm now the mother of a 16 year-old and I'm ready for karma to kick me in the butt. But if going through this chaotic stage with her means we'll have a relationship as strong as what you and I have today when she's older, then I'll gladly do it. You are the best grandmother my kids could ever have. They never feel lacking in anything whenever you're around and I'm so happy that they make you feel so content, too.

I pray that the Lord gives you many more birthdays that we could celebrate.

I love you forever.

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