Monday, April 16, 2012

Etude House Mini Shopping Loot

It's been more than a year since I last stepped into an Etude store. The first and last time was when I was killing time in Megamall and I just happened to see it while walking around. I don't frequent Megamall so I never got to go back. Was surprised to find out that they've opened a branch in Eastwood Citiwalk. We're in the area every weekend because my parents are from there. So when Anissa said she wanted to look (of course, I knew what that really meant), I went along. 

I was too busy looking around that I didn't get to take photos of the place. The store in Megamall was packed but the one in Eastwood only had a few people inside when we walked in. If a store is too busy, I always walk away and I think it has a lot to do with age LOL.

We spent a good half hour inside and left with a modest-sized shopping bag which I'm definitely saving because it's sooooooooooo cute

L-R : Color My Brows, Apricot Stick #5 Sweet Banana,  Line Nuance Duo, Nail Buffer
And how cute is this??? They call it a Shower Ball but I've always referred to this as a bath lily.
Unfortunately, Sabine has already adopted it so I need to get another one for myself.
Anissa also bought a set of these nail stickers. Aren't they adorable? The base nail polish is mine (China Glaze Neon Pink), then she applied the stickers on top. I hope they last long!

She now has a membership card which entitles her to rebates (2% for every Php100)

It's the kind of store where you can get carried away and go home with stuff you don't really need because there's so much eye candy inside. Definitely going back for that shower ball (and more haha).

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