Monday, April 9, 2012

Kids' Summer Activities

Mine haven't decided yet. Well, my 16 yr old can't be forced into anything she's not interested in (mind of her own). So far, she's been mouthing these options repeatedly : Summer Cheerdance Training (technically an option but this is what she's been doing the past how many summers to prepare for Pep Squad activities in the coming schoolyear), Dance Classes at Groove Central or the Film Camp offered by Fully Booked.

As for the 6 yr old, we need to decide for her, of course. Can't make up our minds between swimming lessons, gymnastics at Club Gymnastica or anything else that's arts-related. There are soooo many activities to choose from --- from the traditional to the never-heard-before types. Which one???

The most important thing to remember is this : what matters is what your child is interested in and not what YOU want him/her to take up. *wink*

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