Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Beach Waves

Yup, I'm still at it. Although I really love having straight hair (this is the longest my hair has ever ever been), I can't stop obsessing about curls and waves. When I know I have some place to go, I sleep with damp, braided hair the night before. This is how it turns out most of the time. 

It's pretty inconsistent. Sometimes I hardly need to do anything except run my fingers through my hair to make sure the curls loosen up a bit. Other times, my hair just won't cooperate so I need to add a few extra minutes just to get it right. It's a DIY thing, so don't expect the same results each time.

I came across a photo on Pinterest

And it took me to this site

After doing the hair iron thing on her braided, twisted hair (above pic), this is what she came up with

These look better than the ones I've been getting, don't you think? I should ask yaya to braid my hair more loosely next time. I'll try this out soon!

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