Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When bored? DIY!

I've been having so much fun looking at and for DIY projects. For now though, I've only been looking and not actually doing them. I need to search through my inner being for a dose of creativity and motivation hee hee.

These are some of my favorites so far

Fabric Party Garland
Instax Wall Art
Paper Candy Gift Toppers --- sooo cute
Printable Luggage Tags from
Clothespin Dolls from
Paper Bird Cage Party Decor
Easy Centerpiece Clusters from www.project

If you wanna know which of these I'm thinking of doing first, it would probably have to be the luggage tags because they're the easiest LMAO. But seriously, I hope to find some time to try my hand at these. Maybe my girls and I can do them as summer projects at home.

Head on over to Creature Comforts to see more!

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