Friday, April 20, 2012

Our baby girl is 6 (part 2)

And just like that, it's all over. Sabine woke up the following morning feeling very sad (with real tears) because "it's not my birthday anymore". I'm so used to this by now. It happens every year haha. 

But her birthday celebration will be quite hard to forget, at least for me. 

We reserved the private room at Kimono Ken Podium Mall because we were close to 20 people. Their set menus made it so much easier for us to order. My immediate family members came in full force. My kids are the only 2 grandchildren on my side so you can just imagine how specially they're treated. 

My parents, the Spoilers. They love my girls to death and would give them the moon and stars if they asked.
Thank you for the lunch, Daddy and Mama! 
Mama's older sister whom Sabine fondly calls Lola D
My brother who caught up with us despite being so bangag from working out of town the previous day
Tita B, who walked in the heat from her office nearby and in killer heels haha. Thank you!!!
Even during the planning stage, I already knew I wanted to surprise Sabine. I couldn't think of a better surprise than to invite her (pre-school) best friend and her entire family. Sabine and Misha were really close in school and we're sad that they each need to move on to different schools this year. I'm so touched that they all came.

As soon as I knew their family was outside the restaurant, I blindfolded Sabine. Then I got Misha and made her stand in front of her best friend, while reminding her to be quiet. The girls giggled silently because Sabine couldn't guess who she was! 

When I took Sabine's blindfold off, they were both speechless

Then finally, nag-sink in na rin

This scene made me teary-eyed sniff sniff...

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Kidzville where they played and played and until they almost dropped! By the way, it was our first time at Kidzville and I got wind of the place just days before her birthday. I'm so glad I read about it because it was perfect for what we had planned for the kids. Sorry, but I'd rather spend on unlimited playtime at a place like this than at Power Station or Timezone. We're definitely going back there sometime soon.

Whoops, I almost forgot to share this 

Her red velvet Hello Kitty cake done by Sophie's Mom

The cake was deeeee-li-cious!!! Everyone loved it, it was such a huge hit. I'm surprised there were some slices left but happy that I got to take those home with us. Tonette (owner of Sophie's Mom) personally handled my order and I'm so thankful that she did. I've been a Sophie's Mom customer since late last year. You can "talk" to them via their Facebook page. Or follow them on Twitter

This awesome day wouldn't have been possible if Misha's family didn't come. Sabine is so lucky to have had a really good friend in pre-school. It's never too early for our kids to learn what friendship is all about, right? Thank you, thank you to the Madarangs for accepting our invitation and setting aside some time for the kids to get together.

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