Monday, April 23, 2012

Food Review : Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant

It was our first time at this restaurant. We'd never seen it before and the place wasn't exactly empty at lunchtime, so we decided to try it out. Let me just say that this review contains my most honest opinion, so hopefully, I won't get any violent reactions from readers.

First : the free appetizer. These peanuts were good. Really good. I wish they gave us more though. There were 6 of us and we had to share this tiny bowl. We didn't try to ask for more because our main orders came soon after, but I think for groups of 3 or more, they should be more generous with this.

The main dishes were :

Black Pepper Noodles - this was our favorite among all our orders. We asked for another one and then one more to take home. Hehehe.

Spring Rolls - were these the prawn type? I honestly don't remember. 
But this was so-so.

Nasi Goreng - the rice was good but a bit spicy, so be careful when ordering this for your kids. The Chicken Satay was my favorite part. Peanut sauce was good.

Roti Canai - another favorite but I asked if they could make the dip a bit thicker. The consistency was close to any ordinary liquid's. They told us that it's really how it's made. 

Hainanese Chicken - flavor wise, this was okay. But this was supposed to be half a chicken (at Php 300 plus) and somehow I wasn't totally convinced. 

I really wanted to try their desserts, especially the Gula Melaka (I'm so old school) but we all had to rush back to our hotel room next door, wanting to get our weekend STAYcation started. 

All in all, it wasn't such a bad experience eating here. Our bill was reasonable, less than Php 2K (with the parentals' Senior Citizen discount). Would I go back? 


Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant is on the 6th level of Shangri-la Mall. 

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