Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cake Revelations

How many of you are pursuing an interest with just the help of ... yourself? My cousin-in-law, who is based in LA, California has done exactly this. Wanting to be productive and income-generating at the same time, she decided to chase after a longtime dream. She's had no formal training whatsoever and learned to do everything all by herself (the internet is really an amazing tool). Needless to say, she had the knack for it, too. Today, she successfully runs a home-based pastry business called CAKE REVELATIONS. It's still pretty much a one-woman show, although she gets help from her kids, my teenage niece and nephew. She started doing cakes like her famous Sans Rival, then moved on to custom cakes when she realized the huge and steady demand for them. Lemme brag about some of her stuff here, even though I'm so bitter because I've been wanting to ask her to make cakes for my girls' birthdays but I'm based thousands of miles away boo hoo hoo!

Sesame Babies Birthday Cake
Baptismal Cake
3-tiered Elegant Rose Wedding Cake
Baby Shower Cake
Thomas the Train Birthday Cake
Lastly, here's one she just posted today and is her latest masterpiece

I can't believe everything she knows is learned from reading and watching YouTube videos! How sooooper dooooper cool is that? She's an inspiration. If you have your heart set on something and you know that all you need to do is to nurture that talent, you can do just about anything.

She does everything with minimal help AND with a brand new baby to take care of.
That's the latest addition to our big clan, my niece Andrea Hope. (Kiss kiss Andy!)

You've come a looooooong way, cousin dearest and I am so proud of you. I still don't know how you do it! I just wish you were still here so I can have a steady ration of sweets and someone to run to for my custom cake needs.

Visit Cake Revelations' Facebook page for more photos of her creations


  1. galing!!! i don't have the talent nor the patience for that! hahaha.