Monday, April 9, 2012

Bikini shopping

Not for myself, but for Anissa who is now 16 yrs old and prefers them over the conservative one-piece or tankini. I excitedly took her to Forever 21 in Megamall today (yes, amidst the Sunday Easter crowd) because she wanted to buy a new set for her Bacolod trip with friends later.

I wanted this for her. But I totally forgot that she has a mind of her own now, especially when it comes to anything fashion-related (sniff!). And she politely declined my choice (sniff! sniff!).

Instead, she zoned in on this. She's into ikat/tribal/aztec prints nowadays so this was really perfect and was exactly what she was hoping to find.

At around Php 1,500 for both the top and the bottom, we went home happy and so did my wallet! I'm still on a self-imposed shopping ban so you can imagine how heavy it felt leaving the store without a shopping bag for myself!

No worries though. My big girl was happiest and that's that!
She's off to that 4-day vacation in the land of Chicken Inasal (hee!) tomorrow!

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