Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 Lists Every Mom Should Have

I'm the kind who always has to list things down by hand. I thought I was OC enough but after Googling for hours, I realized I have such a long way to go to being super organized. I've compiled this for all the other busy Moms out there. Regardless of whether you stay at home, work at home or even if you work outside of the home. I think these lists will really help a lot.

I've split them into categories for easier reference


Family Information (i.e. mobile numbers, work/office numbers, school numbers)
Frequently Called Numbers (i.e. immediate family members, close friends)
Important Phone Numbers (i.e. Police, Fire Station, Hospital)


Grocery List (both blank and filled)
In my case, I always ask the helpers to make a list of whatever is inside the fridge/freezer. I ask them to tick off the items on the list when we're about to run out of them.
Weekly Meal Planner
Pantry Inventory


Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Chore Assignments for each family member (if this applies to you)


List of all types of bills and a record of payments
Home Maintenance Record (this is going to be so helpful, I'm gonna do this promise!)
Storage Tracker
List of all your household appliances, electronics and gadgets
Gardening Master List
Vehicle Maintenance Record


Health Records 
List of credit cards 

Did I miss anything? Please feel free to add to the list, if you think I did. 


  1. Not lists but records of warranties for appliances and gadgets - including expiry dates if you wanna be that OC.

    Also, insurance policies from health insurance to educational plan to home contents to jewellery insurance.

  2. These are great. Thank you, Riz!

  3. You have a helpful blog, Patty.... Got here by accident :) more power! If I may add to your list.... Some first aid stuff and emergency /survival kit? :)

  4. Thanks for your suggestion, Tricia. Do drop by again soon!