Friday, April 27, 2012


One of my bestfriends' favorite color has always been mint green. Since high school. I hated it. My favorite color has always been yellow, the pale kind. I don't think I ever had anything minty in my closet ever. But this color is suddenly so popular today. Am I the type to be swayed or did my taste for color simply change with age? I'm not sure. I've been looking for things mint and they've been avoiding me like the plague. I'm thinking that I'm being taught a lesson here.

DON'T HATE ANYTHING. NEVER SAY NEVER. And now I'm being taught a lesson.

Remember the necklace which I wanted so badly? After hours of deciding which color I wanted, I finally sent a message to the seller only to be told that it had been out of stock for a while. A few days later, another seller posted a photo of a necklace that looked just like it from Forever 21. I sent her a message, too, and she confirmed my order. I was ready to deposit my payment when she texted me to say that the one on only necklace that was shipped to her had been damaged in transit. Double whammy. Since then, I haven't found anything similar to it at all.

Next? I wanted something like this

I could run to the nearest F21 store to see if they have it (and I'm almost sure they do), but it's really too hot to do anything, I don't like stepping out of the house unless I absolutely have to. I saw the same necklace seller post a photo of mint denims on her selling page. JACKPOT! I messaged her to ask if she had a size 27. Guess what? She had all sizes except mine.
What on earth?!?!?!

Pinterest is loaded with photos like this. Boo hoo hoooooooooo.

When is this frustrating series going to end???

Dear Mint, I promise not to say I hate you ever again. I even changed my blog layout to honor you. Please don't make tampo na.

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